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Frequently asked questions

What is the effective range of your systems?

Different models have different operating ranges, from 30 meters for the WT-600 2.4 MHz license-free system, to 100 meters for the pocket-size WT-300 G2 tour guide solution.

Is there a warranty?

We offer limited manufacturer warranty on transmitters and receivers only. In the unlikely event of a munafacturing defect, we will replace the faulty unit free of charge.

Which system is right for me?

All our systems are versatile and multifunctional but vary in coverage radius, weight of units, frequency ranges and battery capacity. Please fill the inquiry form detailing your intended use of the equipment, and we'll be happy to recommend which system to purchase. For customers in the UAE, we'd be happy to arrange a demo before you purchase.

Is there a difference between a whispering and a tour guide system?

No, most systems can be used for both purposes. However, a tour guide system is intended for heavy-duty usage by groups of people visiting places of interest or facilitities. People in such groups tend to spread out and spend more time wondering around, so you need wider coverage and greater battery capacity. Whispering systems, on the other hand, are often used for silent conferences or whispering interpretation, when the speaker/interpreter is located close to the audience, and most meetings do not last more than a few hours. As such they do not require very long range or battery capacity.

How long can the system work on a single charge?

Depending on the system, receivers with standard rechargeable 2,000 mAh batteries last between 12 and 20 hours. Should you find this insufficient, you can always opt for higher capacity rechargeable batteries. You can also use regular AA batteries if you cannot charge your units.

What is the lead time?

For systems in stock, we will dispatch your shipment the day following your full payment. For systems that are not in stock, standard lead time is 4-6 weeks.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity for online purchases of systems in stock is 1 complete system (a full case with units for 25 or 24 people). To customize your system or order individual units, please get in touch.

How much does one complete system weigh?

Our systems are extremely light. A fully loaded DigiBee or WT-600 case with 25 units weighs a mere 7.5 kilograms. A WT-300G2 case with 24 units weighs 8.5 kilograms.

What is included in a complete system?

Our systems come as ready-to-use sets, consisting of: - 1 charging/carry case with power supply; - 1 transmitter with lanyard and two microphones (1 lapel and 1 headband); - 23 or 24 receivers (depending on the model), with earphones and lanyards.

Is delivery included in the price?

Yes, the price for complete systems includes standard international delivery and exclides any local customs duties and handling fees as may be required. If you wish to order individual units or incomplete systems, please inquire about delivery charges.

What is your return, refund and exchange policy?

All units undergo thorough testing and quality control before being dispatched to the customer. We will exchange a unit in the unlikely case of a manufacturing defect. No returns or refunds will be provided in any other case.

Can I purchase a specific amount of units, not a complete system?

Yes, you can customize your order in any way you like, including having more or less units of any type. Please contact us for a customized quote, availability and lead times.

Can I rent a tour guide system?

Yes, if you based in the United Arab Emirates. you can rent a system through SounDXB - our sister company and the leading provider of conference interpretation equipment rentals and tour guide system rentals in the Middle East. Visit them at http://www.soundxb.com